We Are A Church

  • A church that has been a part of the historical fabric of the city of Stamford for 236 years
  • A church that believes that God loves everybody
  • A church that embraces diversity and inclusiveness
  • A church with people of different ages and styles of life
  • A church with different races, including multi-racial families.
  • A church where reaching out to others is a priority because people matter
  • A church for people with kids
  • A church that honors questions, and doesn’t pretend to have all the answers
  • A church not afraid of stepping out of the box of what church is traditionally meant to be
  • A church that is safe for individuals to explore and seek God, faith and spirituality at their own pace

We Are A Community

  • A theologically progressive, forward-thinking and liberal “Christian” community…who sees God as creator of all things, the source and sustainer of all life
  • A community who sees the biblical text as a vehicle by which God becomes present to us and our guidebook for spiritual and personal transformation
  • A community who sees God as being right here – with us, in us, as a part of this world, as well as beyond us 
  • A community that teaches a positive, practical, and progressive approach to spirituality.

Who Is NSCC…We Are More Than Just A Church…We Are A Community!